1st Aug

I got all the wild out of me

That is a pine heart. It lights and catches real quick and burns long and bright.

22nd Jul
Well when you say ‘run’,
you know I’ll run, too.
And when you wake,
you know I’ll come-to.
Bless all the things that we can’t undo,
because you know that they have brought me here,
to you.
— Rock Plaza Central (via therabbitfoottree)

done chasing
(gotta keep telling myself that)
“I do not believe, I am certain.”

2nd Jul
21st Jun

Hello i am so happy and full and unafraid

And to make sure no one mistakes this for art

I wish i could wrap my arms around all you internet friends and invite you to my new hometown

And cook you spotted catfish and almost out of season crawfish and eat sweet creole tomatoes

And make authentic tumblr posts about the whole soulful experience


11th Feb

new favorite southern indie bands -

Honey Locust
Water Liars
Native AmericaNew Madrid

Check check check it out

7th Dec

she started posted taylor swift gifsets and that’s when i knew they had broken up

2nd Dec